0-002-vol-66 To host such a wonderful exhibition at the Korean National Assembly, I am very happy and also congratulations. Please everyone applause to congratulate. We gather together for the exchange activities, such as congressional legislation minister Mr. Lin Binggui.

0-002-vol-67Chinese embassy in Korea ( Counselor ) Feng Chuntai station Staff Officer , thank you very much to go to the scene . I can’t remember suddenly, there are members of a group dedicated to the Chief Administrative Committee, Office of the Honorable publicity Planning Officer, hard Ladies and gentlemen, please applause thanks.

0-002-vol-68Not long ago, President Park Geun-hye successfully visit to China , will accelerate in the future between the ROK and China all-round strategic partnership further with Chinese representatives had a meeting , as well as Korean and Chinese people can pass each other more friendly, warm emotion opens up road . Congress with which we play an important role in the tradition of writers Liu Ruowang exhibition is also regarded as one of the ring. Meanwhile Congress sincerely congratulates the show a success.

In particular, the artist Liu Ruowang, everybody knows his hometown where they are? His hometown of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, and Xi’an is one of China’s oldest ancient capitals. Look at the work, I have carefully watched before, we are able to feel the full force too, there is a strong flavor.

To xi ‘an I have ever seen the terracotta warriors lifelike, these works as the Terra Cotta Warriors to let people feel the lively atmosphere, so they can enjoy such excellent work in Congress feel very fortunate . By the ROK and China cultural exhibition – Mr. Liu Ruowang works exhibited in Congress , in the future also hope to have more such opportunities to further promote and close the distance between the two countries in the national, mutual learning each other’s culture and develop meaningful activities. Once again, congratulations to the hero of the event Mr. Liu Ruowang exhibition a great success, thanks congressional legislation Minister and his colleagues , including the State Department, while the opening ceremony of exhibition wish on this end , thank you !