Artistic conception, bearing, aura, verve, spirit, style, momentum……

In Chinese philosophy, poetry, literature and art, these words of ‘pneuma’ word, they are mysterious misty too uncertain.

But when I suddenly saw Liu Ruowang sculpture, which mysterious and ethereal, feel that all fell into effect.

Look at the once in 798 brought together for the big Wolf.

Look at the sky at dawn when a group of black gorilla.

Look at that revival of the Qin and Han terracotta army honor guard front and traveling.

Look at that sky and shouts and singing people of northern Xintianyou.

Look at the static or dynamic or ancient or yong-yi soldiers, farmers and scholars today.

Look at their forehead, eyes and tone.

Look at their hands, legs, arms and posture.

Look at their clothes, hair and hue.


That is how artistic conception or bearing! That is how verve or momentum!

I have been to hometown of Liu Rewang. The north of shaanxi jiaxian-hengshan.

It was Xian, Beijing cannot imagine a big Hengshan, even in the Loess Plateau cannot imagine a big Hengshan.

It is not Loess Plateau; it is loess hill that is boundless infinite straight to the sky.

John Liu is emerging from such a large Hengshan, he is ‘guerrilla fighters’ of the Chinese art of revolution and sculpture revolution.

He led his ‘hengshan guerrillas’.

He led the phalanx from the ancient days of his soldiers and the soldiers approaching the composition.

At this times to see his Wolves, his orangutans, his terracotta warriors, his people and his dodo.

Look at his Artistic conception, bearing, aura, verve, spirit, style, momentum, and I suddenly metaphysical dimly discernible erratic.

Pneuma ? Potential? Momentum also!

If you expect, hope and longing, and god will flourish!


Li Wenru  June  2013